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It is our experience that most clients do not have the time to manage their SEO marketing campaigns on their own. As a result, we are often hired to perform professional search engine optimization services on their site.

This full-service program includes a unique combination of search engine optimization consulting, SEO training, and information to teach you what you need to know to get your site well-ranked in the major search engines. For most professional SEO services projects, this will include the following tasks:

Discovery Interview - We perform a Discovery Interview to learn about the business model, target audience business goals and objectives of the search engine marketing project.

Site Review - We review and evaluate the site from an organic search engine optimization perspective. The purpose of this SEO ranking service is to critique the site, identify potential problems and provide recommendations based on best practices. The review and evaluation will include topics such as the Site Architecture, Page Construction, Content, Web Server Configuration and Link Popularity.

Initial Assessment Brief - Data gathered from the Discovery Interview and Site Review will be compiled into an SEO Assessment Brief to communicate and document the research and analysis. The Assessment Brief will conclude with a prioritized list of recommendations for addressing the discovered issues that hindering your site's search engine ranking.

SEO Assessment Report - Similar to an Assessment Brief, an Assessment Report is a lengthier document that includes not only issues that need to be resolved with the web site, but examples and instructions on fixing each issue. A prioritized list of recommendations regarding the SEO and marketing of your Web site concludes this document.

Evaluation Briefs - A short document that covers the best practices of 1 - 2 organic search engine ranking topics. A variety of topics can be covered in an Evaluation Brief, describing a problem and how to fix it.

Keyword Research and Analysis - We will research, analyze and recommend a list of targeted keywords to be used in the professional search engine marketing project. The client will select final targeted keywords from this list.

Research, Analysis and Page Editing - Researching and analyzing the behaviors of competitors and the search engines is key to every project. Along with ongoing research, we will edit the web pages throughout the term of the project. Since organic SEO is a HIGHLY iterative process, we will need to re-edit these pages periodically.

Search Engine Submission - We will "hand-submit" the initial and revised web pages to each of the monitored Search Engines.

Search Engine Ranking Monitoring - We will monitor the ranking of the domain. We will provide online access to proprietary Ranking Reports (Domain Ranking Report, Ranking Report by Page Name, Ranking Report by Keyword) showing the ranking of the web site in the monitored Search Engines.

Competition Ranking Reports - We will provide online access to proprietary Competition Ranking Reports showing the ranking of the top ranked competing web sites in the monitored Search Engines for each keyword.

Project Communications and Status - We will provide you with scheduled semi-monthly conference calls at mutually convenient times. We will also provide you with a Monthly Status Report summarizing the actions, progress, issues, and recommendations appropriate to the project.

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